Reach Online Identity Calculator

The Digital Scale

The online identity calculator measures the effectiveness of your online identity and places you on our digital scale. Knowing where you stand today will help you determine exactly how much work you have to do and your next steps.

Where you fall on the digital scale is based on a combination of volume and relevance. How many results do you get? How many of those webpages actually pertain to you? Do the references to you on the Web communicate a positive, negative or neutral image of you? How consistently do those results communicate what you want to be known for — your personal brand?

Online Identity Calculator Volume and Relevance Chart

Digitally Disguised
Your vanity search does not match any documents. There is absolutely nothing about you on the Web. Some people think that if you don't show up in Google, you don't exist. This is an easy place to start. Read Chapters 10 and 11 in Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand to learn why your online identity is important and how to build your brand in bits and bytes. Determine what you should be communicating about your personal brand online and start steadily building your volume of relevant results. Begin quickly with a public profile at LinkedIn, some thoughtful comments to relevant blog posts, and an book review related to your area of expertise.

Digitally Dissed
Entering your name into a search engine yields little about you on the Web, but what exists is either negative or inconsistent with how you want to be known. In this case, attempt to get the off-brand content removed or remove it yourself if you have control over the page. Bear in mind that it will take time to disappear from the search listings, and remember that nothing on the Web is ever permanently deleted. Next, begin to create online content that will help you reach your goals. Sometimes the best you can do is present the positive side of the story next to the content you cannot remove. Read Chapter 11 of Career Distinction to learn how to build your brand in bits and bytes.

Digitally Disastrous
There is much information about you on the Web, but it has little relevance to what you want to express about yourself. This can be a challenge since it can be difficult to get irrelevant information to disappear. The information may also include results about someone else who shares your name. If your name is common, try to make it less common by using a nickname or middle initial. Use the same name consistently in all your communications, both online and offline (on your business card, resume, etc.). Also, register your name as a domain name. When you use it for your own professional blog or website and people search for your name, it will very likely appear in the top search results. This will help ensure that you paint the right picture before any confusing or disastrous content is seen.

Read Career Distinction to define your personal brand and make a plan for building your brand online. We also recommend working with a Reach Personal Branding Strategist who is also certified in our online identity methodology. Contact Kirsten Dixson to connect you with the appropriate resources.

Digitally Dabbling
There is some information on the Web about you that supports the personal brand you're trying to communicate but not a ton of it. What you have to do here is beef up the amount of on-brand information about you on the Web. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. You can do that by starting your own blog and updating it consitently, as well as creating a public LinkedIn profile and writing articles for online publications. Read Chapter 11 of Career Distinction to learn how to build your brand in bits and bytes.

Digitally Distinct
This is the nirvana of online identity. A search of your name yields lots of results about you, and most, if not all, reinforce your unique personal brand. Keep up the good work, and remember that your Google results can change as fast as the weather in New England. So, regularly monitor your online identity. That way, if something negative, such as an anonymous ad hominem attack on your character on a blog, crops up, you can address it quickly, before it gets out of hand. Read Chapter 11 of Career Distinction for more ideas on how to continue to build your brand online.


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